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Hi, I'm Thomas Dargent and I'm a Master Student in Data Science. I live in Rouen in France, and as such I study in the Université of Rouen Normandie. I'm interested by image segmentation and computer vision for medical images. I would also like to learn more about possible ecological applications of Machine Learning.

In my free time I like to read about the world, try to do my share of good in it, do sports, cook, and make side projects.

I love to meet people and would be happy if I can be of any help (but I might take some time to respond !). Contact me on:

You may find some of my works under the username Kalwing.

About this site

This website is built with Pelican. I tried to make it very minimal and "low-tech". Of course MathJax, D3 and other heavy JS stuff aren't quite minimal, but I still wanted a nice reading experience so... hey, life is a nerverending succession of compromises.